GEW Hull 2019


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Global Entrepreneurship Week Hull 2018

In the UK, 150 partners delivered 500 events to 100,000 participants last November and consumed over million cups of coffee and tea. Thirty of these events took place in Hull, and were linked to the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership, including ten major events during GEW involving inspirational speakers and thousands of young people. One major event was our annual link up with Southern Africa that this year saw us link up with colleagues in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town in South African and in Lesotho at which it was agreed a delegation from Southern Africa would visit Hull after which the John Cracknell Youth enterprise Bank would make another donation to the South African People’s Fund.

Take a look at the highlight video below to see the events in action.


Take a look at a series of photographs from our events in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 - you can get them all via the dropbox HERE

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