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GEW Hull Report 2017

Hull City Council, in partnership with Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership has organised a series of events, which will take place 12th to 18th November 2018 to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Every day in the UK people talk about making a change in their life and consider starting up a business. By connecting individuals to practical support and those who have done it already, Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 will help turn these exchanges into the businesses of tomorrow.

Proposed Events during the week in Hull


Monday - Make £5 Blossom event where 16 schools will meet up with 16 businesses in order to start a three month programme in which young people receive a loan of £150 from their business partner and get the chance to make it grow through a range of money making activities. This event will also be part of the national launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week. At the end of the period the profits made from business loans will be split between the school and Action for Ashley which is this year's charity.

Monday - #THUDYorkshire Humber Street Gallery at this event international Micro Biz Champion Tony Robinson OBE will deliver his one man show on what's it like to run a business  after 35 years experience - the highs and lows in a witty and informative talk. Than 3 young people wanting to go into business from the Making Changes for Careers Programme will pitch to an invited audience for mentoring support and help from the audience and investment in their business from the John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank of up to £200 decided by the audience itself.

Tuesday - Sponsored by KCOM this event will be a Google Hangout with Hull's partners the Hook up Dinner in Johannesburg South Africa, at this small event young entrepreneurs from Hull and those that support them will get the chance to talk to colleagues about the different and similar challenges they face in South Africa,, we try to make this as interactive as possible.

Tuesday - Using UN Global Goals to unleash social business ideas - This workshop is for those people wanting to start a business to help the environment or their community but are not sure where to start. Using the UN Global Goals as a structure to brainstorm ideas and identify your passions we will soon have you buzzing about your next steps in starting a social business. 10am - 1pm live on Eventbrite -

Wednesday - Post 16 Event, this will involve 200 young people from a range of colleges and schools, as well as apprentice providers with former BBC Apprentice Adam Corbally and young entrepreneurs at this event. At this event the young people will be set a business challenge around developing a new caravan for the Swift Group. The young people will be competing for prizes ranging from £100 to £250 for their teams.

Wednesday - Intellectual Property Clinic - Book a one to one session with a qualified IP Attorney. This is a great opportunity to discuss your ideas or problems in confidence for 30 minutes at no cost. This IP Clinic is for individuals and businesses seeking legal advice on patents, trade marks, designs or copyright. 2pm - 5pm, 30 mins appointments live on Eventbrite - Hull Central Library

Thursday - Secondary School Event, 9:30am till 3pm including lunch. This will involve 200 young people from a range of colleges and schools as well as apprentice providers with former BBC Apprentice Adam Corbally, Antony Chesworth Founder of EKM Systems. At this event the young people will be set a business challenge around developing an event at KCOM Craven Park for the Sangwin Group. The young people will be competing for prizes ranging from £100 to £250 for their teams.

Thursday - Live screening of Mary Portas, the Queen of Shops discusses her new manifesto which aims to create an unstoppable feminine force for change in the business world. At this exclusive event to mark the launch of her new book, Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto for Change, Mary discusses her career and the realisation that true success comes not through playing the business game, where the rules are set by men, for men, but through embracing the values that really matter. Known to the nation as Mary, Queen of Shops from her award-winning BBC series, Mary Portas has made an indelible mark on British retail. Starting her career at Harrods, she made her name as Creative Director of Harvey Nicholls, transforming the department store into London's sexiest fashion destination. 6.30pm - 9.30pm (will go live on Eventbrite soon) Venue TBC

Friday - Primary Event 9:30am till 2:30pm. This will involve 200 young people from primary schools, at this event the young people will take part in a challenge focusing on KCOM Craven Park as a central venue - exploring innovative ideas and uses. The young people will be competing for prizes ranging from £100 to £250 for their teams.

Friday - Annual Celebration and Awards Evening at KCOM Craven Park in which 10 youth enterprise awards including The Maxwell Bird Most Enterprising School, the Kevin McNamara Most Enterprising Teacher and the Sheila Waudby Young Entrepreneur of the Year will be given out by the Lord Mayor of Hull and all funds raised at the evening will go to Action for Ashley.

“This November, the Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrates its tenth anniversary, over the 10 years Hull has played a significant part in these celebrations and that is why this year as the UK’s Most Enterprising Place 2017 and the fact that it’s the City of Culture – Hull’s first event of the week will be the official launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017

This year GEW also sees the official launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GENUK) – a brand new platform and group of initiatives to help the UK enterprise ecosystem take advantage of this vast network of opportunity and bring the full power of the world’s preeminent entrepreneurship community to bear in support of the UK economy and Hull is taking advantage of that by been invited to the Start up Nations Summit in Estonia.”
— Ewan Gaffney, Managing Director of GEN UK and GEW UK
“I’m delighted that Hull’s Global Entrepreneurship Week is taking the message of enterprise and entrepreneurialism forward. It’s important to recognise and to celebrate the success of pupils and schools and to promote greater involvement across the system, I have seen some excellent initiatives to promote enterprise amongst young people. It’s great to see more schools, working with their partners, driving this agenda in Hull.”
— Claire Young Patron Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership
I am pleased to continue my support to Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership as they drive forward their plans to give young, local people experience in enterprise. I hope that the project is a complete success and that we see a wave of young entrepreneurs developing in the area over the coming years and setting up their own successful businesses.
— Ruth Badger, Patron Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership